Kakheti Russia Wine Region

The basic viticulture and winemaking area of Georgia.

It is located in southeastern part of the country, in the basins of Alazani and Iori rivers. Kakheti is divided into inner and outer regions by Gombori ridge. The relief of the inner Kakheti is represented by foothills gradating into Alazani lowland and outer Kakheti including Iori plateau.

Moderately humid climate, along with the temperately cold winter and hot summer, is characteristic to Kakheti region. Heat summation amounts to 3100 4000C. Hailstorms often take place in summer. There appears to be brown, grey and meadow-brown soils as well as chernozems (black-earth) and alluvial zones.

Since ancient times favorable conditions of soil and climate served as the premise for viticulture development. In 2001 acreage for vineyards accounted for 44,4 thousand ha (63% of all vineyards of the country). Vineyards are uncovered. Upper Alazani and Samgori systems are utilized as the sources for irrigation.

High-quality composition is rather varied. However five sorts having the leading industrial value are Rkatsiteli, Sapheravi, Mtsvane, Khikhvi and Cabernet-Sovignion.

Kakheti is considered to be the pearl of Georgian winemaking. More than half of Georgian vintage wines falls to the share of this region. In Kakheti there are produced table dry wines of European type, such as Tsinandali, Gurjaani, Napareuli, Mukuzani, Teliani, Bakhtrioni, Manavi; Kakhetian wines include Rkatsiteli, Tibaani, Telavi, Kakheti and Gareji; Semisweet wines cover Kindzmarauli and Akhasheni; Strong and sweet wines are Saamo, Kardanakhi, Anaga, Khikhvi, Iveria. Kakheti produces also high quality cognacs such as Eniseli, Gremi and Saiubileo.

Centers for winemaking industry are the following : Telavi, Gurjaani, Kvareli, Sagarejo.

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