Argentina White Grape Varieties


The Semillon grape varietal was originally grown in the area of Southwestern France. It is in this area that this unique grape varietal is being attacked by a certain kind of fungus that causes the condition of what is known as noble rot. This causes the natural grape sugars in this variety to become highly concentrated that enables the production of remarkably sweet and creamy wines with a noticably velvety feel.

But in parts of Argentina, the Semillon grape variety may not be as fortunate to enjoy the same conditions afforded to it in Southwestern France. And because of it, this grape varietal has not been as commercially successful even though it is being grown in significant areas across Argentina.

Because it favors cold areas, it is being grown mostly in the Rio Negro Valley and the Uco Valley in Mendoza to produce the optimum development for this grape varietal. Semillon grapes area able to produce dry and full-bodied wines that have that distinctive fruity taste with an interesting touch of honey. Its grape cluster are medium-sized compact and cylindrical in shape. The fruit is seen as small and ovoid with soft skin. Medium ripeness would make it the ideal time to harvest for wine production.


Reisling is a traditional German grape variety that has also been successfully grown in the French Alsace. Just like the Semilon grape varietal, it can also be vulnerable to the noble rot attack. It imbibes a fruity aroma with identifiable traces of oil or honey. Riesling can produce excellent white wines with a well-balanced natural acidity with an interesting character. It is truly an intersting wine to taste with its low alcohol content and tannic characteristics. Its cluster is seen to be small and compact with the fruit size ranging from small to medium. It has a yellow tone and is spherical in shape with a delicate aroma, consistent skin and juicy pulp. Riesling grape varietals are best harvested at medium ripeness.


This grape varietal has just been recently been discovered to have a great potential in the production of fine wine. The Viognier grape varietal is capable of producing large amounts of wine with a floral scent that can be compared to that of magnolia and honeysuckle and comes out with a fruity aroma as a combination of peach and apricot. The wine also has a stong body with a long aftertaste. The cluster comes out small and compact, with sizes of the fruit seen as medium and are ovoid and slightly pointed in shape with a yellowish green color. The Viognier is best harvested early for wine production.

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