Argentina Red Grape Varieties

Aside from the more famous Cabernet Sauvignons,Malbec and Syrah wines in Argentina, there are also other noted red wine grape varietals that are worth noting for their increasingly growing demand. Here is a list of some of them.


This grape variety is one of the widely grown red wine grape varietals in Argentina. It has previously not been used as a variety of making fine wines, that is, until a growing international demand for this grape variety made many Argentinian winemakers to take notice of its potential. Temparanillo red wines have medium alcohol content, well balanced and very aromatic, ideal for lengthy aging in wood. Its aged varieties have a velvety taste with notes of wild fruit.


Merlot is a grape varietal that is closely related to Cabernet Sauvignon. Their only difference is their capacity to adapt in different weather conditions where the Cabernet Sauvignon always wins out. This grape varietal is usually used as an ideal blend for Cabernet Sauvignon wines in order to provide a soft touch of roundness to Cabernet’s harshness. This grape varietal usually produces wine with sohisticated and elegant qualities. It is a round wine with a full body and notes of fruit as well as spices present to its taste.

Pinot Noir

This grape varietal is usually used to blend with most French champagnes. Pinot noir usually produces soft, fresh and fruity wines with a very good bouquet. Red wines from this grape vareietal also has a mild acidity that can be quite vivid and lasting in the palate but without being too aggressive. This grape varietal is usually being grown is the coldest wine regions in Argentina, notably in the Valley of Uco in Mendoza and in the Neuquen River Valley in Patagonia.

There are also other notable red wine grape varietals that are specially grown all over Argentina but are being used for limited consumption. This is usually also grown along with white wine grape varietals that the country is also known for. With different varietals to choose from, Argentina has truly become one of the major wine makers not only in the Americas but also in the whole world.

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